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Case Studies

Business Administration Apprentice

Keeley Webzell

Apprenticeship: Business Administration Intermediate Level

Apprentice: Keeley Webzell

Employer: Alexandra Blake, Catalyst Support Ltd

Apprentice soundbite: "My tutor and mentor have been a big factor in helping me to succeed in my Apprenticeship. I would recommend an Apprenticeship as you get to gain experience in the working world whilst getting a qualification.

I'd like to thank my mentor and the College for their help, as it has opened my eyes to the real world and many possibilities in the future." 

Employer soundbite: “Employing an apprentice gave Catalyst an opportunity to enhance our administration team to support the function of the projects within the Charity. It would also give a young person the opportunity to work in a different office environment which is varied and will develop their confidence when dealing with people face to face and on the telephone.

Taking on an apprentice gives you the opportunity to attract enthusiastic people with fresh ideas, and we have definitely found this with Keeley, who has been offered a full-time job as an administrator at the end of her Apprenticeship.”

Children and Young People's Workforce Apprentice

Sophie Edwards

Apprenticeship: Children and Young People's Workforce Advanced Level

Apprentice: Sophie Edwards

Employer: Clare Hayes, Bell House Nursery

Apprentice soundbite: "This Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop my knowledge of working with children, whilst developing my practical skills.”

Employer soundbite: “We decided to employ an apprentice to give them the experience of working in a nursery environment, opening up new opportunities for their future careers. We found the overall process really easy as the College helped us find Sophie, and they were always on hand if we had any questions. I would suggest hiring an apprentice to other employers as we have found that they are a valuable member of the team.”


Equine Apprentice


Apprenticeship: Equine Intermediate and Advanced Level

Apprentice: Rebecca Beale

Employer: Parwood Equestrian Centre

Apprentice soundbite: “The Apprenticeship gave me a good start on my career path. I have learnt basic care of the horse, which has helped me with my current job.”


Floristry Apprentice


Apprenticeship: Floristry Advanced Level

Apprentice: Joy Kim

Employer: Emma Rebbitt, Lilyblossom Florist

Apprentice soundbite: “I have found that the Apprenticeship includes a good balance of practical and theory work, allowing me to gain many more skills in the workplace.”

Employer soundbite: “We have seen many benefits to the business since employing Joy as our apprentice. She has helped to ease workload, increase productivity and bring a fresh approach to the business. The benefit of employing a young apprentice is that they are a blank canvas and are unlikely to have picked up bad habits from other companies, so they are easy to mould and teach new techniques to.”


Landscaping Apprentice


Apprenticeship: Landscape Construction Intermediate Level

Apprentice: Henry Gatehouse

Employer: Claire Belderbos, Belderbos Landscapes

Apprentice soundbite: “The Apprenticeship is really good and I am enjoying it a lot. The staff are really helpful and the facilities the College offers are great! I feel like I have learnt a lot since starting my Apprenticeship and will continue to do so over the remainder of my time with the College and company.”

Employer soundbite: “We value the opportunity to train an employee at the start of their career, so they learn the correct approach for different skills required when working in high-end residential gardens. We also feel that an apprentice can learn good life skills which they can use throughout there career, such as time-keeping and project management. I would recommend an Apprenticeship to other employers, as it provides senior members of staff with the opportunity to pass-on their knowledge and experience as well as enhancing their skills such as people management, delegations, communication and team work.”


Retail Apprentice


Apprenticeship:Retail Intermediate Level l

Apprentice: Christal Beaney

Employer: Longacres Garden Centre

Apprentice soundbite: "Doing an Apprenticeship with Guildford College is one of the best decisions I have ever made as I get to learn new skills whilst gaining valuable experience in the workplace"




Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprentice


Apprenticeship: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Intermediate Level

Apprentice: Sam Carrington

Employer: Steve Sammut, The Rock and Pop Foundation

Apprentice soundbite: "I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship and I am particular impressed with by the way the College has adapted to my role as a music teacher visiting schools"

Employer soundbite: "We took on an apprentice as we wanted to discover the benefits of moulding a young workforce to our needs as a business, whilst developing the relevant qualifications needed by our employees. Having an apprentice has given us the opportunity to shape and upskill our workforce to the best benefit of the business. It has also provided a fresh outlook and approach from a bright, young member of the team. We would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to other employers as they are hard-working and open-minded, bringing many benefits to the business.”



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