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Your Next Steps

Step 1. Choose your course

We offer a wide range of Apprenticeships at levels 2, 3 and 4 - take a look through our website, come along to one of our Open Events or contact us for more information.

For impartial advice, please contact our Advice and Guidance Team on Tel: 01483 44 85 85 or

Step 2. Apply for your Apprenticeship

Visit our How to Apply page for details about how to submit an application form. You can apply online, by email or by post. We may also ask you to provide references, typically from your school, or an employer if you are already working.

Step 3. Come to an interview

We will invite you to an interview and assessment, which normally lasts 2 hours and allows you to discuss your Apprenticeship choices and plans for the future. We’ll also tell you about any materials or equipment you'll need, and the support we can offer.

Step 4. Find an employer

If you haven't already got an employer you will need to find one to support your Apprenticeship. The College can help you find a suitable employer and apply for the position.

We will ensure your chosen employer is able to provide you with the necessary training to complete your qualification. The College will also carry out a workplace assessment, including a risk assessment. 

Step 5. Enrol at the College

Your employer will be contacted to arrange all the necessary enrolment paperwork. 

Step 6. Start training

Once you have enrolled you will begin your training with your employer and at the College.


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