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Our Adult Financial Support Information and Application Form for 2019 is coming soon...


As an adult learner (19+) you may be eligible for certain bursaries to help towards the cost of travel, material, trips and visits or childcare.


  • Travel Fund – Learners travelling over 3miles to College could benefit from an attendance based travel fund. Funding is determined by the number of days attended per week and the distance to College travelled from home.
  • Course Costs (Materials, trips etc) – this fund is designed to offer support towards the cost of materials, trips and visits associated with your course. Not all courses are supported and costs vary from course to course.
  • Childcare Support – if you are 20yrs or over and have children aged between 0-7yrs of age, you could get support for childcare for the time you are in college. You are expected to use your government allocation, this is a top up of support. Only 2 children per household can be supported.
  • Continuing learners or learners with an EHCP – if you meet eligibility criteria you could get funding for a meal whilst at college.

For full information on the bursaries on offer, please click here.

To download the bursary application form click here.


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